Three Baas Full

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tennessee Vacation

We actually had a real vacation. All together. We figured the last time we had a vacation was when we went to Alive about 8 to 10 years ago. The older girls met in Pigeon Forge and tent camped through the rain. Needless to say, they were happy to be at the beautiful, 3 bedroom cabin with washer, dryer, dishwasher, hot tub.... (Here is the link. Once you go there, click on "3 bedroom cabins" and go to "Mountain Spirit" ) It was a great place. The porch was gated so dog could roam freely, which he really needed to do in order to keep track of all his favorite people.

Here are E and GB playing the Wii. It was much fun for all. Notice Ec on the couch trying to read. Everyone had something to read, including 3 people sharing 2 copies of The Deathly Hallows. Good thing I had already finished mine. :-)

The view from the hot tub on the porch. I loved how the cabin was off the beaten track. Not too far. Just far enough to feel like we had a home in the woods instead of in the middle of tourists.

Playing Apples to Apples.
We even made a strawberry rhubarb pie to go with G & M's grilled salmon dinner.

Garage building

I finally decided to add a garage this summer. The first step was to clear out the old hedges. Notice the low budget tools of the trade. There was a lot of sweat equity here:

Then the site was marked, posts were added, and the building took shape. I have a more up to date picture, but it's still in the camera.